Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights (Mimelon International FZE LLC) treats everyone’s rights with due respect. The company sets the Terms and Conditions, Product Listing Policy, and corporate operating procedures, which do not accept any use of copyrighted, trademarked, counterfeit, and unlicensed products whatsoever

We scrutinize any and all cases resulting in claims addressed to and ensure that due measures be taken, as required by DMCA and other international and local laws.


Intellectual Property Rights Owners

Our company strictly follows copyright laws and regulations. If you see any signs of violation of your intellectual property rights on resulting from improper product and/or listing, provide information for our legal team to take appropriate action:

  1. A signature of a person legally acting on behalf of the rights owner, in paper or electronic form;
  2. A detailed description of the product or listing, which you believe is violating your intellectual property rights;
  3. A URL to and a description of the page of the website, where the material, which you claim is violating your rights, is located;
  4. A URL to and a description of the page and/or resource where original and legitimate uses of the material are demonstrated;
  5. Your address, telephone number, and e-mail address;
  6. A statement formulated by you that you have good reasons to believe that the product or listing is not used as required by the law, the rights owner or his/her representative;
  7. A statement formulated by you under penalty that whatever information is written in your notice is true and accurate, and you own the copyright or are legally acting on behalf of the copyright owner.

Please, use the email for request:[email protected]

To Marketplace Sellers

All customers must be sure they are buying high quality products on No product or part of it sold on the website shall feature any trademarked or copyrighted materials without the copyright owner’s consent.

We take any and all legal steps to counter the sale of all sorts of counterfeit products, including, but not limited to, trademarked, illegally reproduced and replicated ones.

In case whereby a counterfeit or any other product infringing on someone’s right be listed on, the seller will be permanently banned from the site, and the product will be removed. Also, such incidents result in funds being withheld and possibly in legal steps being taken by against the violator.

Important Information

Image restrictions and catalog ownership are not enforced by Once an item page is created, it is permanently included in the catalog. It is not subject to exclusion from catalog even after the termination of the seller’s account after selling out.

Every owner of the text, images and other copyright elements, shall realize that submitting these elements to the catalog shall result in sharing the copyright owner’s worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual rights to publicize these materials.

Marketplace sellers are permitted list offers against your catalog items, which are exact matches of items, which you have created and supplied with your text and images. Listing against your items that are different from theirs is a violation, and we expect anyone to report us of such cases to [email protected]

In case whereby you discover your content has been included in our catalog without your consent and/or permission, please, report the contact in keeping with the instructions described in the Brand, Copyright and Trademark section.