Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to www.mimelon.com ("Website"), providing you with goods and services in accordance with the terms specified in the present agreement ("Agreement"). Every time you use our services, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions shown in this Agreement. We reserve the right to change these Website and Agreement any time. Access, viewing and any other use of the Website means your acceptance of all the terms of the present Agreement, so read it carefully before using the Website.

You represent and warrant that you are 18 years old or you are visiting the Website under the supervision of your parents or guardians.

We provide you with a limited, revocable, non-transferable permission to access and use the Website, displaying it in your Internet browser only for shopping purpose, and not for commercial use or use on behalf of third parties, except as specifically permitted by us in advance. Any violation of the present Agreement may cause the immediate withdrawal of the permission without prior notice.

You may not reproduce, display, distribute, sell, rent, transfer, modify, use for commercial purposes or otherwise use this Website or any part thereof, or the content posted on it, except as expressly permitted by us in writing.

We reserve the right to refuse service, cancel invoices at our discretion, including, if we believe that the customer's behaviour violates the law or our interests.

You may not upload, distribute or otherwise post on this Website any materials, links to other Internet resources and materials, that:

a) Violate copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, commercial confidentiality or other property rights of any person are defamatory, threatening, slanderous, obscene, pornographic or those which may cause civil or criminal liability under international law contain viruses and other malicious codes or properties.

We can assign you a password and account identification for you to access and use certain parts of the present Website. Every time you use a password or identification, you are deemed authorized to access and use the Website in accordance with the terms and conditions of the present Agreement and we are not required to determine the source of this access and the availability of permission for it.

When using the Website, you are responsible for any usage of your original password and identification, including all communications and transactions, all financial liabilities, without exception, caused by such identified access. You are ultimately responsible for the security and confidentiality of the password and identifying code assigned to you. You must immediately inform us about unauthorized use of your password or any other violation that threatens the security of the present Website.

Sending us e-mails and / or using the Website, you agree that any e-mail message and other notices, received from us, have legal force, as well as any information submitted in writing.

Unless otherwise stated on the Website, any information, materials and comments you send to the Website and / or provide to us will be considered non-confidential and unpatented. We will have a gratuitous, perpetual, irrevocable and transferable right to use, copy, distribute, display, publish, sell, rent, and transfer such information without your consent. All materials automatically become our exclusive property and will not be returned to you.

The loss risk for the items purchased by you is transferred to you upon delivery of the goods to the carrier in accordance with our standard terms of sale. We do not take title to the returned goods until the goods are handed over to us by the carrier or the buyer.

In addition to any other legal or equitable remedies, we can immediately terminate the Agreement without prior notice or cancel any of your rights assigned to you in accordance with the present Agreement. Upon termination of the present Agreement, we are entitled to immediately withdraw all passwords and identification data assigned to you and cancel your access to the Website.

This Website can be accessed from other countries, besides UAE. This Website may contain products or links to products that are not available outside the UAE. Such links do not imply that products will be available outside the UAE. If you get access and use this Website outside the UAE, you are responsible in accordance with the laws of your country.

In case the product has an incorrect price or other incorrect information due to misprint or other error, we have the right to refuse to sell the item and cancel any orders made for the goods with the wrong price. We will have the right to refuse or cancel such orders, regardless of the order being confirmed or not, or payment being done or not. If your credit card has already been charged for your purchase and your order is canceled, we will refund your full payment immediately.

The site may contain links to other sites in the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. You confirm that we are not responsible for the work and / or content of any such website.

If any provision of the present Agreement is found invalid for any reason, this will not affect the validity of other provisions.