Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 White

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 White

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 White
Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 White
Manufacturer Xiaomi
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  • Brand name: Xiaomi
  • Model: Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 White
  • Quality: Original
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Product description

The Mi AirDots Pro 2 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and LDHC Hi-Res audio codec. LHDC stands for low-latency and high-definition audio codecs. There are touch controls in the earphones which enables you to control volume and change tracks. It also supports various features like smart voice control and dual microphones with environmental noise cancellation technology (ENC).

The earphones come with 14.2mm drivers for better audio output. It automatically connects with the phone running MIUI when you open the case and pick up the earphones. 

There is an infrared sensor as well that helps the users by pausing the music tracks automatically when they remove them. It features semi in-ear design to fit in the ear canal which doesn’t let it fall off easily.

 The company claims to offer up to 4 hours of playback and with charging case, it will offer up to 14 hours. USB Type-C charging for the case takes 1 hour to charge completely. Each headset weighs about 4.5 grams and the case weighs 50 grams.